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About Us

Our Story

We exist to bring you thoughtful handmade items from the best creators around the world.

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The Creators

We collaborate with talented creators who have handmade items that can inspire, support, and bring a little happiness to your life.

We interview and select only the best creators and hope to share not only their items, but their stories with you as well.

What is Zakkr?

Our brand name, Zakkr, comes from the Japanese term “Zakka.” The term roughly translates to items that have purpose and have intention in order to improve one’s life.

Think functional yet beautiful, admirable, and comfortable to live with. That is what Zakkr is about.

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We Believe In
More Than Quality

We provide a platform to up-and-coming creators from across the world to reach audiences they otherwise could not.

We'd love to be the inspiration for people around us to think about the purposes and quality of things they buy for their home and everyday life.

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