CIRCLE Night Light


The Perfect Sleep Aid

night light

a Dimmed light for those
who can't sleep with lights on.


Feel peaceful and safe falling asleep.

For many people the dark is a frightening place to be. Anxiety in darkness is not uncommon.

It can be difficult for those who suffer to get to sleep, and leaving the lights on is no answer. 

Here comes Circle.

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Why Circle?

Circle is a dimmed light set at a certain level that is known to counter the problems described above. A warm and comforting LED light that is just enough to reassure but not enough to keep you awake.Circle is one of those items you never thought of but once you have it, you’ll wonder why. 

Finely Dimmed

Inside the concrete structure, which sits neatly on a flat surface, is an LED light powered by a USB connection. Circle's LED produces a color temperature range between 3200 to 3500k that is perfect for relaxation, reducing anxiety, and enabling you to sleep easily. Circle is the answer to your sleep problems.

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"A really gorgeous little nightlight. Discrete and stylish. Safely packaged without a lot of waste and arrived quickly."

Bmientka, Jun 2020

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Handcrafted Smooth Concrete

Fashioned from a super-fine concrete that gives Circle a definitely modern look and finished in a way that is stylish without a doubt, Circle deliberately has no straight edges. This is wonderful creativity and design at its best, an item you will love and benefit from at once.

Compact & Stylish

The LED light that Circle employs should provide at least 20,000 hours operation. That’s equivalent to several years of use. A compact device – it measures just 13cm x 11cm x 5xm – it is fitted with a non-slip base that means your furniture doesn’t get marked. The polished concrete effect is unique.

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At Zakkr we are dedicated to quality items that are useful and beautiful, and Circle fits the bill.
Hand made and hand finished, this superbly conceived night light can be used anywhere you want a soothing and calming light that will help you relax and relieve your stress. 


What people say

The concrete is smooth, not one "imperfection," and the light is just as bright as I prefer. It's small, which I love, because it doesn't take up a bunch of space that way. 

Adriana Hernandez

Beautiful - I love it. Compact, understated, and adds so much charm to my office. The seller reached out personally to ensure I was satisfied. Well worth the price.

Erik, San Francisco CA

Awesome little bedside light. Even better in real life, and the packaging was superb. Thank you! A++!

Christina, LA CA

Bedside image of Circle Night Light by Zakkr
Bedside image of Circle Night Light by Zakkr
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Customer Bedside image of Circle Night Light by Zakkr

Why Buy From Zakkr?

As a brand, Zakkr sells only quality, artisan items sourced from independent makers who have creative flair and innovative designs. Circle fits this bill, not least because of the wonderful concrete finish and construction that sets it apart from any other night light.

A customer at Zakkr will return to keep an eye on the new products we introduce regularly, each of which is unique, stylish and practical – and of the very highest quality. We keep our prices sensible and provide a secure and safe online payment portal so that you can buy products as beautiful as Circle with no concerns.

Buy Circle now and enjoy your sleep once more. 



  • 5.1”H x 4.3”W x 2.2”D / 13cm x 11cm x 5cm
  • Handmade & polished fine concrete
  • Weight: 1.1lb / 0.5kg
  • Watt: < 5W - Voltage: 110V - 240V
  • USB power LED light is approx. 3200k - 3500k color temperature
  • Skid-proof base to prevent scratches on surface 
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Good Night
Sweet Dreams

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